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What is the purpose of the Apostille Convention?

The purpose of the Apostille Convention is to abolish the requirement of legalisation and to facilitate the use of public documents abroad abolishing the requirement of legalisation In general, a public document may be produced in the State in which it is executed without the need for its origin to be verified. This is based on the principle that the origin of the document lies in the document itself (acta probant sese ipsa), without the need for additional verification of its origin. When the document is produced abroad, however, its origin may require verification. This is because the recipient may not be familiar with the identity or official capacity of the person signing the document, or the identity of the authority whose seal / stamp it bears. As a result, States began to require that the origin of a foreign public document be certified by an official who is familiar with the document. It is against that background that the procedure is known as “legalisation” developed.