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To apply or enter into an employment for a teaching position overseas or conclude a contract of employment you will need to legalise the TEFL Certificate and other documentation for official use outside the borders of South-Africa. Depending on the destination Country this legalisation process will entail different processes. If the destination country is a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention an Apostille Certificate will be used to legalise the documentation. Louwrens Kon Atorneys can assist to Apostille your TEFL and TESOL certificates. We see many different types of TEFLs issued by many different organisations.

Over recent years, we have seen a large increase in the number of applications for TEFL documents to be legalised with the apostille and sometimes attested by an embassy in Pretoria or Johannesburg. More people are now moving overseas for teaching jobs or positions in training companies where they may need to teach English.There main qualification needed for teaching english as a foreign language is TEFL and teaching english to speakers of other languages is TESOL.

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